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Posted by admin on 28 November 2017



Register for Training on 5G / 4G / VoLTE RF Engineering and Technologies


The RF Engineering Specialized Training at Fusion is a 2-hour a day over seven days training class that provides professionals with the positioning to take advantage of the technological advances in both the operators’ network and supporting OEMs requirements for RF design and optimization.

If you are an RF Engineer looking to enhance your technical skills and learn the ways to enhance your existing role as an RF Engineer, Training@Fusion offers the fundamental principles of 4G and 5G RF systems.

This training provides the core knowledge needed in the telecom business today, covering all major topics including  fundamentals of 4G and 5G networks including mmWave, 5G Princiles, 5G IoT, network slicing, SU-MIMO, MU-Massive MIMO, Beamforming and more.

  • Training@Fusion helps you with preparing resume and marketing it to the clients across the U.S.


  • Training@Fusion provides one-on-one coaching about how to prepare for and clear the interviews for your next RF engineering job.


  • Training@Fusion also provides new visa filing and transfer of visa assistance in case needed.


Monday, 12/11/2017 @ 7 pm – 9 pm CDT

  • 4G theory, design and Optimization basics
    • LTE Physical Channels concepts
    • LTE FDD/TDD Radio Frames
    • LTE Signaling and Call Flows
    • PCI Planning principles, RACH Sequence Planning principles

Tuesday, 12/12/2017 @ 7 pm – 9 pm CDT

  • 4G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • Idle Mode Optimization
    • Dedicated Mode Optimization
    • LTE Network KPIs
    • Network Optimization/KPI Improvement

Wednesday, 12/13/2017 @ 7 pm – 9 pm CDT

  • 4G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • Traffic Steering/Load Balancing
    • Fault Diagnostics
    • LTE Golden Parameters
    • LTE Counters Overview

Thursday, 12/14/2017 @ 7 pm – 9 pm CDT

  • 4G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • LTE Features Overview
    • Scrutinizing the LTE Network
    • LTE Spectrum Efficiency
    • LTE & Narrow band IOT

Friday, 12/15/2017 @ 7 pm – 9 pm CDT

  • 4G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • LTE Carrier Aggregation 2CC/3CC/4CC
    • CSFB & SIP Signaling & VoLTE Basics
    • VoLTE Troubleshooting
    • VoLTE KPIs

Saturday, 12/16/2017 @ 1 pm – 3 pm CDT

  • 4G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • High Season Settings/Optimization Techniques
    • Daily Workflow
    • Nokia Specific Information and Interview Tips

Sunday, 12/17/2017 @ 1 pm – 3 pm CDT

  • 5G Theory, design and Optimization basics (Contd.)
    • mmWave
    • 5G Principles
    • 5G IOT
    • Network Slicing, SU- MIMO, MU-Massive MIMO, Beamforming and other 5G Concepts
    • What is Beyond 5G?

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